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The Southern Chronicle #2

posted Dec 10, 2012, 12:23 AM by C. Gachau Maina   [ updated Dec 10, 2012, 12:25 AM ]

The Southern Chronicle #2

Again, we continue to celebrate new life in the Khudumelapye community with over 15 people now making the Big LIFE decision to follow Christ!

..Invading the Village with Gods love...

Touching homes, one life at a time...

Confronting men with the true face of eternity without Christ!

Preaching eternal Hope, Ceaseless streams of Mercy and Gods great Love up-close & personal with the lovely people of Botswana!

We are amazed at how fast our night meetings are increasingly gaining popularity and the

crowds growing larger everyday in a community without much visible commitment to God and to the church. The atmosphere is getting more and more electrifyingly responsive.

The Spirit of Christ is at work among us and we rejoice in seeing lives transformed, giftings awakened and a powerful recharge of passion and energy for God and for the lost in the body of Christ here, its simply incredible!

The villagers are gradually becoming family to us with every passing shared moment though were still learning to speak their language since many cant fluently communicate in English...

As we come near to the close of our meetings and ministry engagements in this lovely village in a few nights time, we covet your sincere prayer that the lives of those coming forward to profess faith in Jesus will remain till the day of the Lord.

We stay put to the very last day of our stay in this beautiful semi-desert land of Botswana and we need your partnership in prayer that lives will continually be changed as we keep sharing our lives and ministry to the beautiful people of Botswana. Nothing excites more; nothing beats a living encounter with Jesus Christ! Thats all we seek as well before returning home later next week.

Today, I introduce you to our hosting family, the family of Dr. Guy & Eunice, founding and resident pastors of the WRC church here at Khudumelapye who have been so very hospitable to us since the day we set feet into this country. I bet, for five "K, we dont miss the tea break chapati at the office anymore! lol! Eunice has set up a little bit better a standard than Hilton's catering services for us here and boy, we are fed up!!

Dr. Guy & wify, Eunice, Coline, Obed and the little Beraach*

We are now getting ready for an explosive youth meeting at the community hall from 2 to 4pm.

Pray for the meeting this afternoon and for ministry tomorrow. We need grace for the last round!

Till the next issue of the Southern Chronicle,

This is

Cyrus Kithele,

Reporting from Khudumelapye, Botswana, Southern Africa!