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The Botswana Chronicle

posted Dec 6, 2012, 6:08 AM by C. Gachau Maina   [ updated Dec 6, 2012, 6:14 AM ]

The Botswana Chronicle!

DumelaTsala Tsame & welcome to the first “late” edition of the Chronicle.

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We took off from Nairobi 20 past 8 and touched down safely at Noon at the Gaborone international airport and were received beautifully by Taffy and Gracious, his wife; both working for Campus Crusade here in Botswana as the National team leaders in the student movement and members of the Open Baptist Church in Gabs.

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Sorry for delay in updates. We’ve had a challenge coz I accidentally compressed my drive "C" and so my machine cant open but we’re working at having it sorted since Pastor Maish and Shiundu can’t be reached from here!lol!

Meet MelFirst, I invite us to Celebrate MEL, a UK based Zimbabwean lady in her early 40's who shared a seat with me on the plane, for making the BIG Life decision to Ask Jesus into her Life after a windy search for an entry to a safely guarded life of secret distress, anguish and pain of divorce, family rejection and painful separation from her own kids who now live with their father here in Gabs. Please find it appropriate to speak to God about her and her family as she seeks to keep her new walk with Jesus.

Our times of ministerial interaction with the people of Botswana begun on Tuesday after a 2 hour road trip with Trainings on the Christian’s Responsibility in the fulfilment of the great commission,

Ministry PixPrayer & Evangelism at the World Restoration Church in Khudumelapye, a village about 2 hours drive away from Gabs.


We are facilitating the training sessions in partnership with Taffy ( of Campus crusade for Christ) and are having extremely great times of Prayer each morning 6 to 8am, village patrols from 10 to 1pm and Trainings from 5pm to 8 each day.

I promise to keep us posted on ground realities with pictorial stories as soon as I get my machine in shape for convenient reporting.

Otherwise am safe from hunger -though my wife aint cooking yet!!Sample Food We’re being treated to great continental catering in a village miles away from Gaborone by a Congolese couple Dr. Guy & Eunice who are serving the little community church that we've been loving and serving in the few hours of our stay.

For more to the Botswana Chronicle, read me tomorrow same time!

Modimo ogosegofatse! (God Bless you!)

Cyrus Kithele. | Intern | Life Missions | Lifespring Chapel, Nairobi.