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Shape a Child, Change a Nation

posted Jul 19, 2012, 6:18 AM by C. Gachau Maina

"After that whole generation died, the next generation grew up. This new generation did not know about the LORD or what he had done for the Israelites. Judge 2:10."

 Series: Mkenya Daima II. Our objective has been to move us from apathy to action. We have intentionally chosen not to be negative about the state of our Nation Kenya. However, one cannot ignore the fact that Kenya has alot of ills. We have been witnesses to the charades in the media about scandals and controversies. We have become numbed to the topic of corruption because it is now like second nature.

Is there any hope? Scripture has numerous accounts of nations steeped on wickedness. This is not a modern problem. Neither is it's solution particularly modern. We have seen that God is the one who builds nations. Obedience to God assures us of prosperity and blessings. It therefore is no surprise that if a generation comes up that does not know the Lord or what he has done, the end products will be alot like what we see now.

What can we do about this? Deuteronomy 6 gives clear guidance to parents and communities about who should be Lord. It calls for obedience to the Lord of Hosts. It goes further to command us to train up the children in the ways of God. If we are tired of what we are seeing, we then must do something about the next generation.

This Sunday at Embakasi and Syokimau we will talk about shaping a child as a strategy towards changing the Nation of Kenya. Pastor Bob Kikuyu, our senior pastor will be preaching at Embakasi while Pastor Sophie Mbevi (Almasi School) will be speaking at Syokimau. Our services begin at 10am.

Next week we Celebrate our Diversity: Pastor Bob will be preaching at Embakasi while at Syokimau we will be hosting Pastor Simon Mbevi.

In preparation consider:

  • what you will wear that is distinctly Kenyan, and particularly from your specific community.
  • A dish you will make and bring to church that is a distinctive of your specific tribe.


Leaders Day will be on 11th August targetting all Lifespring Chapel leaders at Embakasi and Syokimau. Among many things we shall be discussing the Fundraising Projects and Church Planting. The venue will be at Lifespring Chapel Syokimau from 9am-2pm. Lunch and Tea will be provided.

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