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Embakasi Building Project Update

posted Oct 25, 2012, 10:34 PM by C. Gachau Maina

Facilities Team Report

Financial status as at 23 October 2012

The facilities team is glad to present the following report regarding the ongoing project.

First and most important is to thank the living God for his grace that has enabled the works to commence. We will not tire to recognize the series of miracles that has made this possible. Notable among these are the miracles regarding city council approval and interest free loans from members. As you will see in the following report there is much to honour God for in the giving since July. Faithful givers you have been great and have indeed made HIS praise GLORIOUS!

  1. Monthly Pledges - In July 2012 the facilities team launched an initiative to raise funds through monthly pledges. These monthly pledges have increased month to month and now stand at stand at 65% of the target of Kshs 250,000/- per month. The intention of this specific initiative is to have enough funds that can cover the loan repayments that will run for 24 months starting this October 2012. The figure below represents the above in graphic form.

Graph 1

  1. Cumulative Pledges- As noted above the monthly pledges have being increasing every month. The graph below shows the cumulative monthly pledge that ought to have been received at Kshs 449,800.   As at 23 October 2012, 49.5% of the expected pledge has been honoured. The balance of Kshs 227,000/= representing 50.5% of the total cumulative pledge is outstanding.

Graph 2

  1. One off Giving- The graph below shows the status of one-off giving. Almost all the pledges that have been made in this way have been made good. A whopping 97.2% of the total pledge has been honoured. Hallelujah! It our prayer that the Lord would release even more resources to these faithful brother and sisters.

Graph 3

  1.  Overall Status- The fourth graph shows the overall status of facilities giving. Do note the awesome amount, Kshs 1.34Million, that has been raised in the least 4months. Jehovah Jireh be praised! From the figure below it may be noted that 82.2% of all pledged monies have been paid up leaving a balance of Kshs 250,001 that represents 17.8% of the Total amounts expected thorough monthly or one off pledges.

Graph 4

  1. Phase 1A– Phase 1 of the church construction involves the following stages:
    1. Phase 1A- The excavation of the church area, back fill and the foundation and all works to the ground floor slab.
    2. Phase 1B- These will be columns and walling above slab to roof level.
    3. Phase 1C- These will be roofing of the Phase 1 Portion of the church estimated to house about 300 people.

Kazi Imeanza

It is planned that the phase 1A project will be complete by end of November, 2012. The contractor is on site and WORKING. Pray for good quality work and good weather.

5.5 million Target

Our fundraising goal for phase 1A is Kshs 5.5 million. Many of you will recollect that we have been availed interest free loans by members totalling to Kshs 4.2 million.  Of the money raised since July 2012 Kshs 400,000/- is available for the works. The balance has been expended on professional fees, approvals, and preliminary works such as the relocation of the Sunday school classrooms. The Final graph shows that the balance needed to be raised to meet the 5.5 million target is Kshs 900,000/= only.

Graph 5

We are almost there!

Just as Caleb said "let us go up at once and take possession for, (with God’s help), we are well able to overcome it”. (Numbers 13:30) 

Brace yourself for the coming gift Sunday on 04 November 2012. Expect great things to be done by the Almighty God through your generous giving.

Finally it is our prayer that on the first Sunday of December 2012, (02 December, 2012), we will not only have finished phase 1A but will have commenced fund raising for the works ahead.

Hallelujah! See what God has done!

Dibon Muraya

Facilities Chairman 2012

For Facilities TEAM